REALIZING YOU: A Novel Approach to Changing Your Life (with RON DOADES)

 "Ron Doades and Susan Sloate [are] paving the way for a new breed of 'self-help fiction' with their novel Realizing You ... The different perspectives of five protagonists makes for a vivid read... Realizing You is, ultimately, the best format for absorbing hard lessons in self transformation."

    --D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews 




Meet ROBBY AIHN, the newest self-help star and author of the runaway bestseller Realizing You, now struggling with his first taste of fame. Though his five principles for good living are changing lives, his own life is falling apart. 

When Robby hosts a lavish weekend conference at a luxurious Dallas hotel, he attracts others with their own secrets: his estranged wife and unhappy teenage daughter; the businessman pursuing his own agenda; the all-star pitcher facing the end of his career; and the shy co-author Robby never credited on his book, who is searching for meaning in her own life.

Join Robby and friends on their journey toward understanding and fulfillment, in this truly novel approach to changing YOUR life.

eBook: $7.75
Paperback: $17.75

eBook: $7.75

Paperback: $17.75



     Liz liked him like this—listening to other people’s problems, thinking about how to help them. This was the Robby whose principles in coaching and teaching had been the basis of his bestselling book. They were solid principles, and he’d taught them for years, and Liz knew herself that they did change people’s lives.

     The Robby she had trouble admiring had emerged as the book shot up the bestseller lists. Always neat and well groomed, he’d now become fanatically clothes-conscious. He’d recently begun to order custom-made suits and add monograms to his expensive English shirts. While she decided how many new computers they needed for the office, he flew to New York for fittings with the city’s most exclusive tailor. She hired and trained new staff, and he consulted a professional colorist and lightened his hair.

     When Robby solicited her opinion afterward, Liz asked, "What about the people who were fans before, some of our biggest customers? Won't these flashy changes bother them?"

     "You're not looking at the big picture," he said patiently. "These people are coming to me for answers. They expect to see someone who has them."

     Liz chose her words carefully. "And someone who has the answers is--attractive? Youthful? Had a facelift?"

     "Stop it." He glared at her. "The spa people I talked to said weekly facials were a good idea. They said it would make my skin softer and make me seem more approachable."

     Liz couldn't think of any polite answer to that.

     The current Robby had shown up after Marie moved out. It didn't help that Liz knew why. But what did his wife expect him to do, now that he was finally creating a national impression?

     It's difficult seeing him humbled, Liz thought. Robby had worked a long time for success and done whatever was necessary, cheerfully and willingly, to achieve it. Yeah, he'd gone overboard with the glitzy success guy. It was still hard watching him hurt--not because he'd failed, but because he'd succeeded, after years of striving. And seeing him hurt over his family's defection upset Liz. It wasn't right, but there was nothing she could do about it.

     Liz thought all these things while she watched Robby stare out the window.     Sad that things hadn't been good for him personally since the publication of Realizing You.

     Professionally, things were fantastic. The book was a runaway bestseller, the website hits had gone crazy, Robby's online presence had gone viral. One month after the book shot to number one, Liz arranged joint ventures, after five years of trying, with three of the top personal-development people in the country, all of whom eagerly endorsed Robby's work and sought his endorsement as well. 

     They'd taken a huge step forward. Robby's plan, scrawled on a piece of paper torn from a dime-store notebook, was starting to come true, in a big way. He'd been aiming at this success for a decade, and he'd brought in Liz five years ago to set up the structure and foundation while he set about becoming the persona in whom people could put their faith.

     Both of them had succeeded, but now Robby was failing in all the important areas of his life.